Competition Appeal Court

The Competition Appeal Court is headed by Judge President Davies and is situated in Cape Town, at the High Court: Western Cape Division.

There are no other places of sitting for the court.


The court sits an average of 6/8 weeks a year.


The Judges for the Competition Appeal Court are appointed from the various Divisions of the High Court and sit on a part time basis.

The Judges are appointed on a term of 1 year. For the current term, there are 7 Judges appointed.


Functioning of the court


The Competition Appeal Court considers appeals or reviews against decisions by the Competition Tribunal.


The Registrar of the Competition Tribunal, is also the Registrar for the Competition Appeal Court.


The court process is as follows:


•         The notice of appeal is lodged by the parties with the Registrar of the Competition Tribunal sitting in Johannesburg.


•         The Registrar allocates a case number (and receives all subsequent pleadings in the matter).


•         The Registrar then notifies the Judge President directly of such an appeal.


•         Once the matter is ready, the Registrar communicates with the Judge President and the Judges to ascertain a date for the hearing.


•         The Registrar then issues a notice of set down to the parties.


•         Once the judgement is delivered, the secretary to the Judge President forwards the judgement to the Registrar.


•         The Registrar then notifies the parties of the judgment.




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